Appalachian Trail Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Falling Apart & Climbing Mountains: The Strength & Frailty of the Human Condition

Back around Thanksgiving when I was visiting family and half the people there were sick, I managed to catch a ...
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Olmstead Point Yosemite

Yosemite National Park: Wonders Of The Panorama Trail, Tuolumne Meadows, and El Capitan

There are too many  incredible places in this world to see, too many incredible places in our country to see.  ...
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Camel's Hump Vermont

A Treasure Chest of Memories: White Rocks Recreation Area & Camel’s Hump

I grew up camping in Vermont.  While other kids in school were going to Disney World, we would pack up ...
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Andrew's Bald

Gregory Bald & Andrews Bald: Blossoms and Bears

This past weekend a good friend from college and I headed out to the Smokies to hike on some of ...
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Edwin Warner Park

Mornings In The Woods: Walking Alone

Today I saw a turkey running full speed up a grassy hill, head waving haphazardly back and forth like he ...
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Alum Cave Trail

GSMNP: Winter Hikes In Misty Mountains

As the weather warms up and I'm starting to sweat on my daily walks, I keep thinking back to a ...
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Virgin Falls Trail

Virgin Falls: A Lovely Tennessee Winter Hike

The weekend after Snowpocalypse 2016, we had sunshiny days in the 60s, so Rob and I headed to Sparta, TN ...
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A Walk In Winter: Not To Be Missed

I've been thinking a lot lately about choices.  Today I woke up, puttered around the kitchen for a while, read ...
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The Best Views In GSMNP: Charlies Bunion

Coming back to real life after vacation is such a drag, like a shoot me, I wish I had some ...
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