Welcome to Marking The Miles, a blog about hiking, walking, and finding joy outside!

I call the North Fork of Long Island home, but have lived in Franklin, Tennessee for over 13 years. My first love was the ocean, but growing up camping and hiking around Vermont also contributed to a deep love for mountains. Public lands are some of my favorite places to hike and Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a regular weekend getaway. As the daughter of a scientist, I love searching for wildflowers, butterflies, and wildlife while adventuring. When I’m at home, gardening in the backyard keeps me grounded (literally).

I work full time in the music industry, but believe dreams and passions can and should be pursued outside of the everyday 9-5. Travel is an important part of my life, and it is my hope that these stories and trail tales will inspire people to get outside and explore new places. I also have another blog called Edges Like Sea Glass with introspections about life, home remodeling, and gardening. I’m the Lifestyle Contributor for Women You Should Know, a women’s editorial site, and have been published in The Huffington Post and Backpacker magazine.

My husband Rob is an awesome, kindhearted guy. He’s also a skilled woodworker and enjoys every moment of relaxation he can get outside of his physically demanding job. He is patiently supportive of all the destinations that are constantly being added to our life list of “places we must go.” I’m forever grateful for the freedom and space he gives me to explore this beautiful world, and I love when he reluctantly comes along to climb thousands of feet up some mountain just to catch a pretty view.

We have a hound dog and two cats who we love to pieces.